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Spring, morning light

hartzwatergirl in hg_mt_horizon

The Links I May Have Used/Probable Bibliography...

The Joe Lando Web Page - Higher Ground: http://joelando.org/hgposter.html
Meet The Charachters: http://joelando.org/higherground/character-bios.html
Meet The Cast: http://joelando.org/higherground/hg-cast.html
Show Description: http://joelando.org/higherground/hg-description.html
Episode Descriptions: http://joelando.org/higherground.html
Sceen Captures (pictures, userpics, etc): http://joelando.org/higherground/hgpix.html
The Peter and Sophie Story: http://joelando.org/higherground/hgpix2.html
Scripts (not where I got them from, but still): http://joelando.org/scripts.html

The Sights and Sounds of Joe Lando: http://joelando.tv/
Higher Ground: http://joelando.tv/docs/hgindex.html

(This page will get more updated as I find all my sources...)

That's it for now, tho', folks. I need a break, and so does my poor computer! :)