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chesma in hg_mt_horizon

Hellohooo :o)

Hi there -

Just wanted to post a brief 'hello' as I am new to the community.
I am just catching up with all the Higher Ground stuff because - shame on me! - I somehow managed to miss this show completely over the years! Not even my liking for HAyden Christensen as actor changed that *lol* But well, now I am here.

Pity I did not manage to get videos or DVDs yet to watch the full show :o( it seems to be kind of difficult to get them?

Well, see you around, gang


Yes, it is very hard to get Higher Ground on VHS/DVD, and even then, you're probably not going to get quality... You can get some copies on eBay, but it hasn't been released officially on DVD yet. This is why I made this site! So that you know what's happening in the episodes, even if you haven't seen all (or any!) of them...

I'll try to post pictures for some episodes soon. :)
Yes... I did not know that this was never released on DVD officially. Me, being from Europe and not from the States, just thought that it is impossible to get the DVDs over here as the show was not that popular here. So I went to ebayUS and found a DVD set, with a lovely cover layout and all. Nothing was mentioned that it was not original. A friend started to bid for me but as the set was sold for USD. 90,00 + shipping charges I was not too sad anyways that it was not me. Not what I would pay for second hand DVDs.

And in the end my friend got an e.mail from the seller, informing her that the set was not original and only generated from the VHS/TV. Gosh, and for this someone paid USD. 90,00??? I mean, come one, that is ridiculous from the seller, no?

Well, I finally found someone at youtube who started to upload all the episodes. You have up to 9 parts per episode as the parts are only approx. 5 minutes long. I do not know why... probably something from youtube? Upload-size or something. But I do not care. It is better than nothing *jumps up and down*

Shall I post the link for others?

I am always told that my English is pretty good but me not being American I have huge troubles at times to understand their accent. (I am into British English) So the transcripts are most, most, MOST welcomed here! *hugs*

And pictures, can't wait for pictures! :o)

I will watch full episode I tonight finally. A post about this will follow later on...

~ Ches ~