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belinda_cayman in hg_mt_horizon

Scott's Nights ~ NC17 ~ Scott/several ~ part 1/??

Scott's Nights

Part I/I - Torn
Summary: Scott is torn between a girl he loves and a girl he wants

Author: Belinda Cayman
Pairing: Scott/Juliette and Scott/OFC (Roberta)
Rating: NC17

Disclaimer: Higher Ground and its characters does not belong to me, I do not get money for this – just borrowing and playing with the people. I will give them back! Roberta belongs to me as well as the storyline and all the mistakes.

I wanted to write one shots but well, the story turned out to be more than that so I will go with more parts as I am able to finish them. Also, thanks to 'Shelby' for borrowing her in a slightly amended version for being 'Roberta' on the story banner *lol*

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