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Katheryn Winnick - Charles Swan

liberty_stewart in hg_mt_horizon

Time After Time - 1998 - 2000: The People We Become - Part 6

Title: Time After Time

Pairing: Numerous A.J. Cook and Katheryn Winnick characters (central) with other pairings along the way

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the several dozen franchises and characters that I’ll be using throughout this story.

Summary: A love story spanning two decades and told through multiple parallel universes, and seen through the eyes of Rachel McAdams.

A/N: Well it looks like my love for Andrea Joy Cook and Katheryn Winnick has finally hit its peak, and this is the result.

A/N 2: Due to the fact this is a crossover, I’m going to have to alter some timelines and locations in order to make this work.

Story Arc Summary:

Title: 1998 – 2000: The People We Become

Fandom: Mean Girls/Student Bodies and Higher Ground

Pairing: Holly Benson/Shelby Merrick

Rating: G

Summary: Regina George moves out of Illinois and starts a new life in Canada. As she experiences her final high school years, Regina sees life both from the perspective of the quirkiness of Edison High to the troubled Mt. Horizon High School, located across the border in the Ontario wilderness.

A/N: For this story, let’s assume the events of Mean Girls, Higher Ground and season 2 of Student Bodies all took place around 1998 despite being released later. Also since Higher Ground was obviously filmed in British Columbia, we’re going to have to pretend Ontario has rocky mountains because Higher Ground without mountains wouldn’t even be called Higher Ground. I’m also pretty certain Mean Girls took place in the 11th grade, but let’s pretend it was the 10th.

A/N2: Both of these Canadian series carries a lot of sentimental value to me, and both ended unresolved. So now I feel like I have a lot of weight on my shoulders because I feel obliged to give both of these series a proper ending. Hope I do them justice. Just for anyone who’s unfamiliar with these two shows, Katheryn Winnick is Holly Benson and A.J. Cook is Shelby Merrick. Anyone curious to check out the series, both are up on Youtube. Here are the channels for Higher Ground and Student Bodies. Katheryn is in episodes 2.49, 3.51, 3.53, 3.54 and 3.59 while A.J. is in the entire series of Higher Ground. If I had to recommend one, then by all means watch Higher Ground.

A/N3: Special thanks to Queen of Shadows over at fanfiction.net for being an awesome beta.  

Fun Trivia: Both Higher Ground and Student Bodies, despite being Canadian TV series, has Americans Joe Lando (Peter Scarbrow) and Jamie Elman (Cody Miller) as its lead stars while most of the both casts consist of Canadians.

Part 6

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